Friday, March 12, 2010

coca coooola!

coca cola, in the philippines, we call it 'coke'.. 'coke' could mean cocaine to others.. but generally, its a drink.. a drink most people think of as the most refreshing.. it is a drink people have in their minds when they have walked two miles under the midday sun, when they are really thirsty.. *aside from water, iced water*
pepsi is not really popular in the philippines, but coke is..
an ibaloi would say, "ngan toy cokes mu? orange wenno sprite?" haha.. "anung colgate mu? close up o beam?"
but my parents and grandparents dont like us to drink too much coke.. it burns the stomach and the kidneys.. i also have heard stories of people saying that they have tried coke to clean the tiles of their bathrooms and found that it is effective, more than zonrox! haha.. so, does that mean that drinking coke is drinking zonrox too?
zonrox [n] - a bathroom tile cleaner, also used to remove tough stains on clothes, or to whiten yellowing shirts
- synonyms: chlorine, domex
also, in an experiment, someone dipped a nail in a glass of coke, and all of a sudden it corroded and was dissolved! that part was scary..
but what can we do? whenever we say refreshment, its the coke we first buy.. there are no second thoughts on its effect to our health, because what we think of is how to 'treat' our thirst..
after basketball practice - coke
at the beach - coke
at the picnic - coke
after community service - coke
miryenda - coke
tanghalian - sabayan ng coke
i wish tropicana will be soon more popular than coke..
tropicana [n] - leanne's favorite drink, it is an orange juice, but also has an apple variety with real juice pulps
hmm.. yummy.. but if you are sleepy and want to remain awake at your physics class, try coffee twist - hazelnut or orange..
you can drink coke, but in moderation..

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