Friday, March 12, 2010

i am not photogenic..

*this photo was never published on facebook*

if ever i join the Miss Universe pageant, or any beauty pageant there is, it would be impossible for me to bag the 'Miss Photogenic' sash.. haha.. really, i am not photogenic..

everytime i get a photo of myself, it would be hard for me to get the right angle.. so, in every fifteen photos i get, i only pick one of them as deserving-to-be-publicized-on-facebook..

i would also photoshop one of them if im really hopeless.. i dont remove the blemishes or what, i add effects or edit the brightness or colors a bit to cover the faults of my face.. yeah, the faults of my face..


1. ugly nose - you can never tell the difference of my nose between a tomato

2. my teeth - my teeth is overbitten

but, im still happy with the face i inherited from my beautiful mom and handsome dad.. haha.. there was a problem but still happy there were no abnormalities.. like cleft lip or what..

beauty is inside.. inside..

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