Wednesday, January 27, 2010

war on shabu

shabu, also known as "poor man's cocaine" [whch is ironc bcuz shabu prices r sky high] is d most widely used illegal drug in d philippnes. 90% of drug users r shabu addcts. tsk tsk. tracng d reasons why pipol r addcted to ds drug [&& drugs generali speakng] just leads to anothr problem. like, ahm, juan is a shabu addct. why? bcuz of d influence of frends. why? bcuz hs parents dont giv much attention to hm dats why he fnds d company of frends instead. why? bcuz of poverty, so d parents hav to fnd job from a dstance. see. dats why "killng d culprit by its roots" is dffcult.

lateli, an operator of a huge shabu tiangge was jailed, w/ hs partner, && dey wer both sentenced to life imprisonment plus a multa of 10M pesos. at frst, i felt sympathy towards dem, bcuz what i'v thought is dey hav less aggravation to d filipino nation than rapsts && murderers. tsk, hirap i-englsh. ang nsa isip ku kxe nung una, prang mas malaki nman ang kasalanan ng mga rapst at murderer kesa sa kanila. ngunit, un nga, karamihan ng mga krimen ay gawa ng mga taong lulong sa shabu, mga krimeng murder, pagna2kaw at rape, lhat ng karumal dumal at kahayupan, na hnd nman tlga nla maga2wa kung hnd sila undr d influence of of shabu or desperadong mgkapera pra may pambili neto. at hnd rn nman un mangya2ri kung hnd pnapatakbo ng mga drug syndicates na to ang malawakang shabu tiangge, na hanggang ngaun kaht kulong na ang dalawang drug operator na to, on going pa rn ang shabu shabu dahl super dame ng mga galamay nla at sa dami ng mga "branch" ng ngbe2nta nito. [hay, hirap i-englsh neto, kung filipino na lng kea simula't sapul]

d perturbng ascendng number of drug users in d country gave brth to PDEA, phil drug enforcement agency, w/ a primary goal - to dissipate drug pushers, && ds also means pagsugpo sa mga kriminal. but over d years, drug lords became mor && mor powerful, && most even hav connection to d higher ups in d government, makng every shabu operation formidable whch is reali appallng.

sa PDEA na lng ba nten iaasa ang lhat? PDEA && other anti-drug factions cannot do it alone by guns && bars, so, ako msmo - hnd ako ga2mit ng ilegal na droga, whch is a great help to d whole nation in d goal of scourng clean drugs off d philippnes.

d prospect of d philippnes being drug free is stil uncertain, pero, un nga, it starts w/ ourselves, && by subduing frends who we know r into drugs. we must know how to use our dsposition to save drug users, bcuz dey r also victims. dey might'v been ditched by their families, or their parents away from dem, so dey r left abandoned w/ no guidance.

another way to help on d war on shabu is - prevention. if u hav a child, a sister, a brother, a frend, a neighbor, guide dem, love dem, introduce God to dem, but be sure u urself know God or else it wil not work, && it wil be a shield for dem not to maligaw ng landas [as d cliche goes].

d number of drug users may rise, but u can pray. prayer is powerful, even against d bggest enemies, like shabu.

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