Saturday, January 22, 2011

rainy days, life, us, home

this is an old post in another blog, in friendster. back then, i would use jeje-shortcuts. sorry!

i cud hear d angry wind blow against d wndows.. d trees r swayng && rain is fallng hard.. der’d be plenty of water in d tank, i told myself.. but d laundry wil not be dry completeli..

i hate being outside durng a strong typhoon.. i just want to stay home && wrap myself up wit my blanket sheets.. enjoy d comfort of being home, enjoyng a cup of chocolate && watchng tv.. dat is what our homes r for.. to protect us from d rain.. colds && cough..

life is like d weather.. it changes, from time to time.. life must be dynamic, it shud not stay d same.. life shud get better each time.. i mean, not life.. who ever had control wit life? its not life dat i mean, its us.. we shud like be d weather.. we change, from time to time.. we must be dynamic, && shud not stay d same.. we shud get better each time..

*whooosh* i thnk d wind just knocked a flower vase of d fence.. i dun want to get out.. scared, u know.. a lightnng may hit me.. haha..

i thnk, what im talkng right now doesnt hav any direction..

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