Sunday, January 9, 2011

music for christian beginners..

other Christians find the music below, questionable..

contemporary Christian rock, for me, wants to draw both Christian and non-Christian listeners to their music..

so, when someone told me, FlyLeaf, Underoath, Paramore are Christian bands, i was skeptical.

kasi naman, when we say Christian music, their lyrics should be talking about Jesus.

in some lyrics, i never heard them say 'i love you Jesus' or just even mention Jesus' name in the song, because, they also wanted non-Christians to listen to them.

it was also a question mark in me when they said P.O.D. is a Christian band.

its kinda confusing.

anyway/s, check out this link:

it has bryan welch (ex-Korn member) and sonny sandoval (the POD guy) in it.

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