Saturday, January 22, 2011

d idiot box [my old friendster blog post]

this is an old post in another blog, in friendster. back then, i would use jeje-shortcuts. sorry!

d tv sat on its wooden throne, hs highness, being looked up by several kids sittng on d floor, jaws down, grabbng popcorn, gulpng soda w/o takng their eyes of d screen, as megatron continues d sage versus optimus prime.

der is not a sngle mddleclass home in d world w/o tv, d idiot box, where all sorts of violence && immorality come from. man is born a genius, but tv is one of d factors dat cause man to be degeniused in d frst five yrs of hs life.

studies show dat infants && todlers exposed to television slowed down in learnng, understandng && communicatng.
but its not d end of d world yet, parents. der r also educational tv stations made, like discovery && national geographic.

it u’re a couch potato, d idiot box cud’ve been ur best buddy. if a subject hollywood ever exsted, u cud be on top of it. i admit, im a couch potato too, but not to d extent of being like it for d rest of d day. u hav d control, d remote control. fyi, ders a swtch off button.

conclusion: d tv cud either be boon or bane, a blessng or a curse. it has d two sides of d coin. a coin u dont toss in d air.

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