Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the dangers of social networking

this was my speech for our public speaking in english. this is the worst speech i ever made since high school. grrr. the time limit was 5 minutes. i practiced this and it ends at 5 minutes. but when during the actual speech i was half way then the bell rang. gosh. i spent much for the visual aids, i slept late finishing it, i wore a principles blouse, an editions skirt, a glamorous belt, a new look flats, even black panty hose, i put make up on, then my supposed to be purrfect speech was sabotaged due to that im-sorry-you-have-to-end-there thang!

I have been thinking of a topic to lecture. I have thought of horror movies, self esteem, end of the world, heroes, chocolate, Manny Villar, CSI: Las Vegas, and then all of a sudden, the bulb above my head, said TING! And I have finally come up with my topic.

In the past few years, social networking sites have attracted millions of users around the world, bringing them together, and many of whom have integrated these sites into their daily practices. You must have already come across the term ‘social networking’.

According to dictionary dot com, social networking means ‘the use of a website to connect with people who share personal and professional interests and other information.’

While according to urbandictionary dot com, social networking is ‘a collection of websites that allow people to join networks that allow them to
1) socialize with people who have similar tastes
or 2) allow them to stalk the girl next door

man from early 21st century: ‘i really need a new way of stalking..’

Tom Anderson: MySpace!

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook!

Michael Birch: Bebo!

Random Internet Guy: Insert Social Networking Site Here!

Outdating Friendster - the pioneer of all social networking sites in the Philippines, Facebook is now the most popular in the world and in the Philippines, with a population of 420 million. IMAGINE THAT. COMPARE IT WITH THE OTHER’S POPULATION.

Social networking sites are a great help to keep in touch with our family and friends bridging the gaps between them and us, no matter the distance. Social networking also aids in business promotion, and in acquiring feedback from others, meeting new people and sharing personal views and opinions.

But of course, there is always another side of the coin. Because of its overwhelming popularity, social networking sites have its detrimental effects to the users and to the society.

First is identity theft. Like what happed to the wife of the president of a certain university in the United States. Someone made a profile of her on Facebook, then adding almost all the students of the university. Then later on she started sending them malicious messages which offended the receivers of course. And her status message often contained morally explicit phrases. The creation of the profile violated Facebook’s Terms of Use, AND, DESTROYED THE IMAGE OF THE PERSON.

Another menace of social networking sites is the threat to personal safety such a stalking or threatening, especially to the young people. YOUNG PEOPLE, THAT’S US. Marietta Nova Triani, 14, from Indonesia, went missing from their home on a Friday night. Her parents tracked down the password of her Facebook account and they found out that she had intense communication with a 16 year old boy, who asked her to come along with him. She agreed and after two days she was found. Though she was apparently safe, another recent incident highlights the risk. 23 girls were recruited through Facebook by two men, then their photos were used for prostitution.

And in MySpace, a certain Lori Drew was indicted for her role in creating a fake profile that eventually led to a Megan Meier committing suicide. Megan was led to believe she was chatting with a 17 year old boy who in reality did not exist. AYYY. After Lori sent her cruel messages through the fake 17 year old boy’s profile, Megan KIK hanged herself.

Another in Facebook, I remembered a news saying a 21 year old man who made a profile saying ‘1 million and I will have all the Pokemons tattooed on my back’ which really reached a 1 million, and then, hewas beaten by a group of young men after he failed to fulfill his promise.

And in Multiply, another social networking site only popular in Asia, Karylle, the daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla, YOU KNOW HER? THE EX OF DINGDONG DANTES. Her photos was used by a woman to date a, I DON’T REALLY KNOW if it was an American, or British, online, and that woman was able to get money from the man, using, the photos of Karylle. ANYWAY, MY COUSIN SAW HER AT THE PANAGBENGA FESTIVAL.

Another danger is that you may not have a job in the future. Most companies research about their new employees, because MAYBE THEY THINK THE NBI OR FBI CLEARANCE IS NOT ENOUGH. Like in the case a newly employed elementary teacher who was fired, because his boss found out that he has been using drugs, through a photo she saw on Facebook. SEE THAT?

United States President Barrack Obama delivered a national address at a school event in a high school in Virginia, warning the students across the nation about their use of, again, Facebook.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to prevent the said dangers of social networking.

Personal information should not be posted. Like address, school, class schedule and if possible your fullname, or else you will be prone to stalkers and pervs.

Always secure your password, if possible don’t add strangers, and don’t give away your number online.

See to it that the photos you post are not offensive and it does not invade someone else’s privacy, and even yours too.

Social networking sites skyrocketed in its popularity and being responsible internet users is the best way to be safe.

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